23 Things I (Ir)Rationally Love

I’ve seen a few variations of these listy type posts going around – Aussa, Angelle, Samara – and as I’m one to hop on the bandwagon, I couldn’t resist. I’m stubborn as fuck so I refuse to accept that anything I love is irrational, but, here ya go..

1  Making weird faces. Smiling is so mainstream.

2  Sugar on white rice – don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it.

3  Purposely making situations more awkward than they need to be for my own amusement.

4  Quoting The Big Lebowski whether any one else gets it or not.

5  Playing with fire.

6  Playing with wax.

7  Sitting under my desk to read.

8  Blow jobs.

9  Dressing up and playing with my teddy bears. At the age of 23.

10  Beauty Blogs + buying make up. I wear 3% of what I own.

11  Picking at my nail polish. After I’ve spent hours doing really cool designs.


13  Writing things by hand instead of typing them.

14  Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots.

15  Complaining about my period pains.

16  Doing my eyebrows. What’s more important than eyebrows?

17  The moon. I just love it.

18  Side ponytails.

19  Wandering around Selfridges/various department stores, putting all the handbags on my arm and asking, ‘Does this suit me? Is this a good everyday bag for me?

3.1 Phillip Lim Mini Pashli – every time

20  The smell of library books.

21  Picking scabs. My legs are more scarred than a ten year old boy’s.

22  The E! Network. Sorry not sorry.

23  Eating ice cream outside in the cold. Bliss.

Do you relate to any of these things? What are some things that you irrationally love?


Putting your best foot forward

How do you know what your best foot is?

I, like many other girls, always look a little bit different. In the day, I wear glasses, minimal make up, and my hair is a mess. Come night time, though – whether it’s for a date, drinks with the girls, or hitting da club – the glasses come off, the eyeshadow goes on, and the lips are painted red. My hair, however, tends to still be a little bit messy. I just rock that look.

It’s like going through a transformation every single time. But why do we do it? Who says that that’s what’s more attractive? I would never go on a date with my glasses on. In fact, I feel so strongly about this that in the past when I’ve met someone on the spur of the moment after a day at the library or whatever, I’ve put my glasses on my head and been partially blind instead of letting them see me in them. I would rather sacrifice my sight, endangering myself and others, than be seen in my glasses. What the fuck is that all about?

I started thinking about this yesterday when I got asked out in my daytime getup. I was showing a room for my grandmother, and when the guys left, I got a text saying:

Hi, my friend didn’t like the room. But I did like you!

I laughed it off. Then, 10 minutes later, he called me. He said that I seemed really nice and asked if I wanted to get a drink sometime. When I lied through my teeth and said that I was seeing someone, he posited that we could be friends and get to know each other. I said I’d let him know.

Now, this may sound bad – he was fairly cute, I would have said yes if he weren’t Albanian. Accent and everything. It just doesn’t do it for me. Was that harsh? Should I have given him a chance?

But my point is, he met me in my scruffy clothes, wearing my glasses, only concealer and mascara on my face, and my hair looking like something akin to a bird’s nest. And he was pretty keen on it. That night, I had a date. I straightened my hair, put contacts in, slapped on a full face of make up and even put on jewellery. The guy text me today saying we should hang out again. So, also keen.

Would he have been as keen if I’d turned up looking like I did in the day? Would the Albanian have been as keen on the night time look? Is it a context thing? Is it irrelevant because my personality is so awesome? Which is my best foot?

Maybe both my feet are great.