Polished Enough?

People express themselves in a myriad of ways every single day. And I don’t just mean their thoughts or how they feel, they express who they are. We are constantly putting ourselves out there through the clothes we wear, and how we do our hair and make up. Even the accessories we do (or don’t) pile on say something about us.

It’s more than that, though. How we present ourselves doesn’t just express how we feel about ourselves, it also says how we feel about the people we’re with and the environment we’re in.

If I go for lunch with you with my glasses on, no jewellery, and my curly hair in a bun, you can be sure as hell I don’t give a flying fuck what you think I look like. If you see me like that, but then think, ‘Oh, but I see you with lipstick and contacts and really big earrings, too‘, that’s not to impress you. Sorry.

I always tend to look like a little bit of a mess, but I kind of like that. I think it’s an honest reflection of who I am; a little bit of a mess. I’m also always super casual, because that’s what I’m like, too. My most worn clothes are leggings and shorts – how much more laid back can you be? I have a (probably too) casual outlook on life and my clothes express that for me a lot of the time.

I see women on the street who look so chic and put together, and I want to be them. Their outfits look clean and tailored, and I think that that’s how their lives must be. I think they must have a perfect job and a perfect flat and perfect partner and social circle; I think that their lives must be as clean and put together as their outfits.

Obviously they’re probably not, but that’s what they put out there. That’s how they’re marketing themselves. That’s what they’re telling the world that they are.

Should I be telling the world that I’m something different?

I started thinking about this the other night when I painted my nails alternate bright pink and orange. When I was sitting there waiting for them to dry in front of Love Actually (in June!!), I thought to myself, ‘Am I too old for this kind of look?


Nail polish is hands down my favourite way to express myself. It’s the only capacity in which I am at all artistic and take the time to create something fun and pretty. And there are just so many colours!!

Why wouldn’t you want who you are right there on the tips of your fingers for the world to see?

Maybe bright pink and orange nails are a little bit childish, but maybe it’s okay to go for something young and fun. I mean, why not? IT’S SUMMER.

I know very few girls who don’t paint their nails, or stick to neutral shades. Like, I understand sometimes you have to be work appropriate, but fun colours are just more…fun, for lack of a better word. I also understand being seasonally appropriate, and now that it’s summer, there’s no excuse not to whack out the neons and the pastels (fucking great with a tan).

I literally have a bucket full of nail polish. Literally. I have no other storage options available to me right now. But my point is, I have so much that I’ve been on a buying ban for about a year now. CAN YOU IMAGINE ALL THE AMAZING COLOURS I DON’T HAVE??? I walk into Boots and it literally hurts a little bit when I don’t leave with a new polish. I don’t even care how shallow that sounds. I fucking love it. It’s like a drug, though. Some of you will understand, and some of you will think that it’s ridiculous. If you feel like four different shades of lilac is excessive, then you know what side of the line you’re on. FYI, it’s not; it’s totally fucking necessary.

At the end of the day, I know that people are going to notice that I’ve not brushed my hair before they notice that I’ve drawn a tree on my nails. At the end of the day, though, I really don’t care. I spend most of everyday seeing my nails, I don’t spend it looking in the mirror at my hair or face. At the end of the day, how I choose to present myself is for me.

And just for fun, here are some of my fave summery patterns that I’ve done. I’m totally cack handed, so if I can manage these, so can you!

wpid-imag0380.jpg       wpid-imag0333.jpg         wpid-imag0202.jpg       wpid-img_20140221_182126.jpg         wpid-img_20140314_152317.jpg      wpid-img_20140408_122853.jpgHow do you like to express yourself? Are you a nail polish junkie? Leave me your fave colour!



3 thoughts on “Polished Enough?

  1. It’s funny… I’ve never been big on painting my nails… I always felt my fingers were too long or something. Weird, the things we convince ourselves are wrong with our bodies. Now I’m mildly obsessed with different nail polishes and my collection is growing. Clearly I am becoming more self-actualized.

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