Revlon Colorburst Balms

So, I know this is a little different, but I’ve really been enjoying these so thought I’d talk about them a little bit! After all, who doesn’t love lip products?

When the Clinique Chubby Sticks came out a few years ago, I was obsessed. I was only just getting into make up and they were such a lovely transition product to get me to put something other than Carmex on my lips. They were moisturising and wearable and I loved them. But they were hella pricey. So when I say I loved them, I mean it more like I loved the ones that my mum bought in the fairly neutral and dull shades that she wanted.

Now, thank the Lord, every ‘drugstore’ brand has it’s own take on the Chubby Stick, and I seem to have landed on the Revlon version.

Retailing at £7.99, they’re a good 10 quid cheaper than the originals and they seem to be on par quality wise. Throw in a fairly similar colour range and I think we’re on to a winner!

Now, to you employed people with money, £7.99 may not seem like it’s breaking the bank, but I’m poor and also needed mascara so picked up two colours in one of those Boots 2 for 3 deals.


First up we have one of the Matte Balms in ‘Showy’. I had been looking for a bright pink for a while, and after swatching a shit load of different Barbie and bubblegum shades across the brands, I landed on this one. In the tube, to me at least, it looks fairly scary. Pink hasn’t ever really been my ‘thing’, so I was tentative about going for something so bold, but, hey, who doesn’t love a bold statement?

Anyway, it turns out I had nothing to be afraid of. The colour is surprising wearable and wonderfully pigmented. As I have naturally darker lips, I’ve not always found that pinks give enough colour pay-off to show up on them, so was thrilled when this was clearly there after one application. The colour is buildable, so you can make it brighter than I have, but I think this is a lovely way to wear it.

I find the finish to be more velvety than matte, but I much prefer that than having a super matte finish where it’s drying on the lips. Obviously, this isn’t the most moisturising formula ever, but slap on a decent lip balm before and you’ll be fine. It applies smoothly and evenly, and you need basically no skill whatsoever to get it looking good.


Next up we have one of the Balm Stains in ‘Crush’. I don’t know about you, but I bloody love a good lip stain. My mum’s Benefit Benetint – back when it was in an actual little lip balm pot – was probably the first beauty product I ever stole from her. Stains are great because they’re so low maintenance. They’re like the fuck buddies of lip products. They’re hassle free and guarantee results.

‘Crush’ is pretty much your run of the mill berry shade. But it is super buildable. Again, I tend to wear a light wash, but I have built it to a much deeper and shinier colour, and it eventually fades to a lighter ‘your lips but better’ stain. I would definitely say that this is an everyday colour. It’s inoffensive, it adds something a little interesting to your face, and it’s never going to clash with your outfit. Sure, it’s not the most exciting colour, but it’s a staple.

This is a much more hydrating formula and finishes with a definite sheen. It fades evenly to stain your lips so that you’re not left without any colour on, and doesn’t dry them out in the process. I 100% recommend it!


Have you tried these out yet? What’s your favourite thing to wear on your lips at the moment?



10 thoughts on “Revlon Colorburst Balms

  1. Yes, I use this as well! Though I bought the most hella hot pink color ever. I think I was matching a dress or something… so it’s not an everyday wear for me, at all. I should really get a more neutral color…. I love the shade in the top photo!

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