‘Do you have a foot fetish?’

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I had this little conversation last night whilst out at dinner with my old housemates. Not one of us likes feet even a little bit. In fact, we all pretty much hate them. So we took the opportunity to ask the guy and to gain a little insight into this fetish.

We all literally gagged at the reply. I couldn’t think of anything worse. To me, there is literally nothing attractive about feet. Sure it’s nice to paint your nails, but that’s basically in service of making them look less ugly; they are still not pretty.

Although I’ve never physically encountered it, apparently it is quite a common thing that guys like. Here are some other things I have found that guys like/do that I just don’t understand..

  1. The whole taste yourself thing – this makes no sense to me. Why do your fingers need to be in my vagina and then in my mouth? What does this do for you? Do you think that it does something for me? Should I be cupping my hands, collecting a pool of your jizz and then making you sip it? I just don’t know.
  2. Dick pics – again, what does this do for you? Do you think that it does something for me? Do you honestly think that a strategically angled picture of your penis is going to turn me on/make me want to shag you? Even when I’m with you, I don’t want to look at it; I just want it in me somewhere. Stop with the cock shots.
  3. Asking for pictures of boobs/fanny – it’s not flattering. It’s rude. Stop it.

I can’t think of any more because I’ve been distracted by the fact that apparently the whole taste yourself thing isn’t that common. Yet it has happened to me with more than one guy. Every time it happens, I do think ‘I thought this only happened in porn. Boys in real life don’t do this. Who is this weirdo?‘ I’m even more concerned by the fact that one of my best friends has done stuff with probably double the amount of guys I have, and it’s not happened to her once. Why has it happened to me with more than one boy? Why am I naturally such a freak magnet?

Girls, has this happened to you? Boys, do you do this?


10 thoughts on “‘Do you have a foot fetish?’

  1. I taste myself ! LOL. Tastes like mawfakan chicken.
    Just kidding. I’m a vegetarian. Chicken is fucking gross.
    But really I don’t mind it, I actually think it’s kinda hot. I also thinks it’s hot when guys lick their own cum off me too. Hard to find a dude who will do that though.. god forbid they turn gay. Cause you know, that’s how gay happens.

  2. I can tell you my thoughts on no.1 and that is, certain men I have known have thought it to be dirty, and that dirty girls would do it and like it at the same time,because dirty girls are hot. ; )

  3. this made me laugh SO out loud! Dick pics…yeah, never understood them, never will. In fact, In finished with a perfectly good long-term lay because he kept sending me pics of him in bed/his stomach (6 months pregnant haha – not) and his dick…wish I could have fessed up and told him the reason. How else will they ever learn, unless they read your excellent blog! ; )

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