A Little Update

I finished my MSc two weeks ago and life has since slowed down significantly. Having no day to day purpose has definitely taken it’s toll on me. Looking for jobs when you still have no idea what it is you want to do is a depressing, uphill struggle. To think that I’ve only been in this situation for two weeks, and it could easily go on to be two months is more than I can bare. But, like I said, it’s only been two weeks; I’m not a lost cause yet. And as it’s only been two weeks, I’m not quite ready to write about the struggles of unemployment just yet.

Life hasn’t been all doom and gloom, though. I’ve managed to catch up with all the friends I neglected whilst working on my thesis, go to a gig, and spend time with my family. It’s been nice.

Let’s talk about the gig first. I saw James Blake at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire last week and he was literally incredible. The boy has an amazing voice. It sounds no different to how it does on his album. He played a good mixture of old and new songs, and his gorgeous cover of Joni Mitchell’s ‘A Case of You‘ (my favourite). I had shivers the entire time. What a babe.

I had gone with one of my best friends. He’s outgoing and crazy and I love him to pieces, but that night he was a hilarious mess. After a lot of wine and shots, he started asking all the couples (the place was filled with couples!) around us if they had done anal. When they said no, he started to preach. Why are the men in my life such active anal advocates?! It was inappropriate, but hilarious and a great night nonetheless.

One of the highlights of the fortnight would definitely be the little housemates reunion I had with the girls I lived with during my undergrad. We started the day brunching at My Old Dutch, because pancakes are obviously the best way to start the day. We had a slight mare over whether we should go for sweet or savoury ones, and as I am the most indecisive person on the planet, slight mare turned into huge mare. After much deliberation, I eventually settled on the savoury ‘Greek’ pancake. It was good, but I should have stuck to my usual apple and cinnamon. It comes with ice cream, after all.

After brunch we headed on down to The British Museum – who doesn’t love a free, indoor activity when it’s forecast to rain?! The British Museum is definitely my favourite, probably because it’s all rather anthropological – it even houses The Anthropology Library and Research Centre for the Royal Anthropological Institute! However, we spent little time looking at any ethnographic artifacts or learning about any cultures. Instead we mainly moved from room to room, corner to corner, gossiping about sex and boys. So unfortunately I came away with no great new knowledge to relay back to you all, but it was fun nonetheless.

We spent the rest of the day chatting over coffee, dinner, and drinks. It was beyond pleasant. Three months between catch ups really is too much.

As far as boys go, things are drying up again. I’ve not seen W in almost three weeks and all other potentials have fallen short. One boy told me that he didn’t like being ‘messed around’ by me. What had I done, you ask? Oh, nothing other than refuse to meet him for the first time in an unsafe place in the dark. I don’t want to end up in a suitcase, thanks.

I did get another message from J on Saturday which read:

Wanna play tonight? x

Ermmm, no, thanks. Like, obviously I’m amazing and you can’t get me out of your head, but enough’s enough. Why is it always the ones you don’t want that want you? Sigh.


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