‘You must have done something to put him off’

Never has there been so many ways to ignore someone. Phone calls, texts, emails, twitter, Facebook, whatsapp.. the list goes on. The worst part is that on most communication platforms nowadays, you can see when someone’s read your message and actively chosen to ignore it. At least when all there was was letter writing, women could pretend their post had been lost, delaying that feeling of rejection just a little longer.

Rejection is never easy. Especially when it comes in the form of silence – but this is what I got from Pancake Boy a couple of weeks ago. I met Pancake boy on Tinder, and he seemed sweet and nice, and looked super cute. He told me he’d create a new type of pancake and name it after me – I thought this was adorable, W thought it made him a moron. He gave me his number and full Facebook name so I wouldn’t feel catfished – again, adorable. We talked about everything and flirted and then he asked if we could go on a date yet. However, after he said goodnight one evening, I never heard from him again. And I, for the life of me, have no idea why. W’s helpful input was:

You must have done something to put him off

But I hadn’t! I was charming as fuck and everything was going swimmingly. Frustrating or what?

You may be thinking that this post reads pretty one-sided. Like I’ve never rejected someone in the same way. ‘What about J?’ you may be thinking. Hilariously, but also rather tragically, he did message me a few days after I never replied to his message, saying:

Can’t believe you’ve rinsed me!!!

a) who says rinsed?

b) you definitely knew when I got out of the car that you were never gonna see me again.

I did think back to this after being rejected by Pancake Boy, thinking it was some sort of dating karma. But I wasn’t creepy like J was, what had I said to ‘put him off’? Unfortunately, it’s just one of those things, I guess. I’ll never know. Just like J will never know. Or maybe I should tell him? What do you think?


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